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I’m so excited that you’re here!

You’re probably wondering why the blog is called Bright Roots Kitchen, right? Well, I wanted to create a blog that included all my favorite food fundamentals: colorful ingredients, flavors from my Caribbean roots and fresh from the ground foods (that’s right, “Roots” is serving double duty here!). Growing up, I was the weird kid in the family who loved eating veggies. You could easily catch me saying “Grandma, can I have more okra?!”.

That isn’t to say that this is a vegan or vegetarian blog, it’s not, BUT I want to shine a bright light on food that is good for you that also tastes great! I’ll of course showcase some indulgent foods too (we’re human after all!).

Most importantly though, I want my readers to be excited to eat all components of the meal, for well-balanced plates and lives. In addition to recipes, I’ll post occasional day to day life things.

Thanks for reading and l appreciate your interest in Bright Roots Kitchen!

<3 Ashley

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