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30 PERFECT last minute gifts for foodies

Down to the wire and short on ideas for your favorite home cook? This list is a compilation of cute, fun and practical gifts for your favorite foodie.

A couple years back my sister-in-law made me a foodie’s dream gift basket. It’s still one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. It had all the good stuff in it, including things I wouldn’t have thought to try on my own. Saffron, check. Cocoa spice rub, double check. Infused olive oil…truly perfect.

In these weeks leading up to Christmas though I’ve heard stories about unwanted household gifts people have received like toasters and vacuums.

If you still need some last minute gifts ideas for your favorite foodie, this list will meet the needs of every type of cook.

Function over fashion (maybe a little fashion too!)

1. Mixing Bowl Set:

They’re super basic but needed for literally every meal. When don’t you need a bowl in the kitchen? This mixing bowl set is extra handy because it includes an egg yolk separator as one of the bowls!

2. Non-stick frying pans:

The right pan makes all the difference! For perfectly crispy meats or veggies a good non-stick pan is a must. It’s also great for sticky sauces like caramel from scratch. How pretty is that color too? Your foodie will love these.

3. Stock Pot and Steamer:

Whether it’s for soup, boiling spaghetti or mashed potatoes a big, deep pot definitely comes in handy for home cooks everywhere.

4. Pepper Grinder:

There’s something about fresh cracked pepper that really elevates a dish. You’ll bring that fancy upscale restaurant opulence home with this classy (and stylish) pepper grinder.

5. Silicone Spoon:

I have the whole collection of these silicone kitchen utensils and they’re great. This spoon specifically is sturdy and holds up well to high heat.

6. Colander:

A colander is one of those kitchen items every cook doesn’t think they need until it’s too late. If you’re draining water off of boiled foods without a colander, you’re basically asking for half of the contents to fall into the sink. Grab this super cute one instead; your foodie will thank you!

7. Cutting Board Set:

Every home cook knows it’s good to have a couple different cutting boards around to avoid cross-contamination. This super cute set has labels for meats and veggies and slips into a clever organizer.

8. Pizza Stone Set:

Pizza night at home has never been easier. This set will create that perfectly crisp crust and evenly baked pizza.

That’s too cute!

Measuring Spoons: I feel like measuring spoons always go missing. Some pretty, sturdy ones (see below) are certain to stay around though!

9. Green Measuring Spoons

10. Wooden Measuring Spoons

Tea Time!

My grandma lived with us for a short time during high school. First off, my grandma is THE BEST, but secondly during that time we had multi-generational tea time after dinner. After dinner tea was something my mom and grandma did growing up in Jamaica, so it was really special to keep that tradition going with me in Queens, NY.

Mini-history lesson: While Jamaica produces expensive, globally exported Blue Mountain coffee, most Jamaicans actually drink tea because of the long British rule over the country.

Needless to say, I love tea and I’m always looking for ways to enhance the tea drinking experience. The products below will definitely light up any tea drinkers day!

11. Tea Storage Canisters

12. Cute Phrases Tea Rests

13. Cat Tea Rests 

14. Tea Infuser Travel Mugs

Delicious sweet treats to have with your tea:

Kitchen Towels: These always come in handy and it doesn’t hurt to have a ton of them!

15. Home Sweet Home Towel

16. Beet Towel

17. Carrot Towel

18. I DONUT Care Towel

19. Dog Towel

Fun and Different

20. Handheld Spiralizer:

Sometimes chopped or sliced veggies don’t make the cut. This spiralizer makes veggie ringlets perfect for “pasta” or curly fries!

21. Micro-herb Garden:

Have a city-bound friend that loves techie things but also loves nature? This micro-herb garden is right up their ally.

22. Water Bottle:

Healthy eating and living starts with drinking enough water. They can do it in style with this bottle.

23. Ugly Sweater Cookie Cutter:

I’m sure you know a person who would love to make these cookies?

24. Paw Print Mold:

Whether it’s for ice, homemade gummies or baked goods, this cute paw print mold will do the trick.

25. Retro Cooking Scale:

This is a great gift for dedicated bakers who want more precise measurements.

Tasty Products They (And You) will Love

26. Casablanca Market Harissa:

This is the best harissa brand I’ve tried. It’s spicy but not overwhelmingly so. I use this harissa in my Easy Sheet Pan Lemon Harissa Baked Shrimp and in my Hearty Root Vegetable Stew.

27. California Olive Oil:

Every good savory meal starts with high quality oil. This olive oil is smooth, mild and not bitter at all. Your favorite home cook will thank you for this!

P.S. The best deal on this olive oil is at Thrive Market. Snag the coupon below for 25% off your first order.

Thrive Market

28. Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning:

Perfect on chicken or seafood, this spicy Jamaican jerk seasoning tastes super close to the homemade version.

29. Pickapeppa Hot Sauce:

Another spicy Jamaican sauce, Pickapeppa is a great addition to any hot sauce junkie’s collection.

30. Chimes Ginger Chews:

Last but not least, these ginger chews are great to have around the house. Sweet, spicy and 100% delicious.

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Disclaimer: Most of these products are from World Market. I love literally everything they sell and highly recommend checking them out. If you purchase the linked products above, I will receive a commission.

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